3 Steps + 3 Days = Sell Your Work!

Create artwork you love, connect with your ideal Collector, and consistently sell your work online so you have more income + time to make art. This FREE challenge is dedicated to helping you make progress in 1 week! 

Artist WINS!

These are some of the inspiring results, our Artists had during the 3 Day challenge just last month!

How to Successfully, Consistently Sell Your Art Online 

New to Selling? Already Selling?  Calling all Emerging or Established Artists: Ready for accountability to sell your beautiful offering next week! I'm going to walk you through my proven 3 step Artful Selling Process that alongside our inspiring community is going to energize and motivate you in ways that you may not have even known you had in you!

YES! Show me how!









After 14 years as an Artist in Business


Successfully selling your Art takes 3 steps. Many Artists, do 1 or 2 but have resistance to mastering all 3.  Having just celebrated 14 years as a Self-Taught Working Artist, I can't wait to share my process with you

With an intention of keeping it clear, simple and easy to follow, I'm taking you through my 3 Step process, 1 Task each day for 3 days.

After years of going through a lot of trial and error, I got laser focused on the direction I want my business to grow. 

And more importantly how I want to feel while growing a successful business and *spoiler alert* it's not feeling overwhelmed, scattered, under pressure, always behind in resources, energy and time while staying in a perpetual state of stress.

It's calm, peaceful, profitable and CREATIVE with my energy focused on the tasks where I thrive, like making more Art.

I honor you for being here, and taking the time to learn from someone who has been where you are, who's slightly out ahead and can give you steps to help you have an easier journey as you build your thriving Art business.

I'll see you in the 3 day Challenge!

About your Host

Marisa Anne Cummings is an L.A. Artist and Creative Business Mentor.

What started out as one day a week to be creative while working a full time job became Creative Thursday, home to Marisa's Art, Fabric Designs, Book, Podcast and Youtube Series.

Starting as one of the top 150 Art Sellers on Etsy, 13 years ago. Marisa's work has sold all over the world to private Collectors, independent boutiques, and  in Urban Outfitters, Papyrus, Crate & Barrel, and Pottery Barn Kids.

Featured in magazines, film and television, you may have recently seen Marisa's Art in Iron Man's Daughter's Room in the Avengers Endgame. (She is very proud of the fact that Iron Man is one of her Collectors :) )