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the expansive artists

create. connect. consistently sell your work.

Ready to Claim your Life as a Working Artist

Selling your Creations online is the most effective way to attract your Ideal Collectors, so you can grow a profitable business that supports more time to focus on the work you love, creating your Art. Together, let's rewrite your story around selling.

Will you be one of the 1,000?

Joining the Expansive Artists is an invitation to grow a sustainable profitable life through your art and creativity, and to believe in more than you think is possible! This year I announced a vision of taking 1,000 Women Artists to Seven Figures, at your own pace, on your own timeline. Are you in!

Welcome to The Expansive Artists

A community of Emerging and Established Artists. Together we are dreaming big; practicing our art, creating profitable, sustainable, heart centered businesses online while generously sharing knowledge, tools, resources, and championing each other's successes.

Get answers to your questions in real time with monthly live coaching calls to support you on a very detailed Success Path, designed especially for you, to help you make progress and get the results you want.

Get what you need help with right now. Monthly trainings, plus immediate access to an entire library of video lessons, tools and resources for every area of your business.

Get instant support and be welcomed into a safe, wonderful community of Artists who get you, understand your journey, have your back, celebrate your WINS! and keep your Art business moving forward.

Get more time to make your Art with creative lessons and challenges to inspire you and keep your Art practice consistent.

Know exactly what step to take next for your business with guided monthly Artist Accelerators.

Learn from the Experts with trainings from Guest Teachers who generously share knowledge, tools and resources to help you build your business faster.

As an Expansive Artists Member you will get

Coaching, Training, and Tools to help you Take Action Step by Step 

Unlike online courses, you won't be left after a few weeks to figure out all the details and how they apply to your specific business, all by yourself. I will be there month after month to offer you personal guidance.

Here's how you will stay focused:

By following specific steps and getting the support you need by getting access to a combination of the following offerings once a week, 4 times a month

  • Live Coaching Call from Marisa
  • Accountability with Marisa and your fellow Expansive Artists
  • Templates, Worksheets and Swipe Files
  • Guest Expert Trainings
  • Guest Opportunities for you as a Member to share your Expertise
  • Creative Lessons and Challenges to keep your Inspiration Flowing
  • Surprise! Treats! because we're all about having more Fun while building your business
  • Ongoing encouragement and support from a wonderful group of peers who understand your challenges and champion your success
  • Private community where we share progress, Tools and Resources
Once Inside our Community

You get Immediate Access to a Guided Action Plan unique to where you are on your journey, plus an Entire Library of Lessons for you to get started right away.

We're covering every Business topic with the most up to date expertise.

Whether you are just beginning or more established, you will learn about:

The lessons cover a wide range of topics broken into categories making it easy for you to find exactly what you need, when you need it.

  • Marketing
  • Social media
  • Pricing
  • Product Design
  • Passive Income Streams
  • Personal Development + Mindset for Success
  • Financial Wellness
  • Selling Your Work
  • Email List Building
  • Online Teaching
  • Team Management
  • Planning + Organization
  • Creative Lessons to Inspire You and Keep your Art Practice Consistent
  • Marisa's Ultimate Artist Resource List 
In Addition

Access to Guest Expert Teachers and the Opportunity to Expand your Network

It's not about developing the expertise in every aspect of your business, its about knowing the right people to learn from, and building a genuine, connected community to grow with.

Make new Connections:

And find partners to learn from and collaborate with

  • Live Trainings + Q&A with guest teachers
  • In Person Gatherings + Events (as soon as we can once again)
  • Bonus Live Lessons

PLUS! You also get these BONUS courses from Marisa that you can access right away

  • 7 Creative Lessons with expert guest teachers, designed exclusively for our community
  • Open your Shop-ify in 1 hour - a step by step to Tutorial to open your own online shop
  • Intro to Digital Creating 
  • How to Design and Enamel Pin
  • Win Win How to Successfully License your Creative Work
  • How to Create your own Card Deck

Here’s what you'll be accomplishing 

Becoming an Expansive Artist; you will feel as one of the Artists recently described "a whole 2 notches happier!" You are an Artist with more optimism and confidence knowing that you are headed in the right direction. You'll comfortably handle any curves in the road, because you are prepared. You will come away with more great ideas, and knowledge on how to keep building a profitable business with your art and creativity on your own terms ~one that will fulfill and support you for years to come.

  • Opening and Building Your Shop
  • Crafting your Beautiful Brand
  • Setting up Landing Pages and Opt-ins
  • Staying perpetually in the know, and never behind on what's happening in your industry
  • Developing a renewed appreciation and value of your work 
  • Pricing and Selling your Work with Confidence
  • Excited to share your work and your story through writing blog posts, email newsletters and posting to social media
  • Going LIVE on video for the first time
  • Launching your first online course
  • Selling Consistently
  • Working as a Calm, Peaceful, Profitable Artist with a business that supports a life you love


Why you can no longer afford to build your creative business alone. 

May I share with you a word of wisdom and suggest that you don't choose the path I took ~ the do it all yourself, by yourself, don't invest in my education because I can figure it all out myself ~ path.

You can join us or you can:

  • it will cost you way more in money and time to do it all by yourself and build everything from scratch
  • working alongside a community who understands your journey creates more momentum and success faster 
  • feeling connected, to the right community, who gets you, inspires your best work 
  • having a safe place to ask questions, rather than guess and try to figure it out all alone, helps you make faster progress 
  • keep trying to convince those around you who don't "get it" why you do the work you do
  • lose focus and consistency with creating your work
  • working alone leaves an open invitation for more slumps and self-doubt to hold you back, and keep you stuck
  • Artists in a community who share a passion and dedication to growing their business succeed faster instead of continue to struggle
  • having clarity and a focus helps you reach your goals rather spin your wheels in a perpetually overwhelmed state

It's your Time

"When I first started I couldn’t even confidently call myself an artist yet. Now I can confidently call myself an artist who sells work regularly. I never thought I would be able to say that. The Expansive Artists have all been there cheering me on through every question and every last-minute-panicked-launch moment. And it’s so lovely to have such a supportive, safe space to go with questions, advice and guidance. I feel like I have real friends there even if we’ve never met in person. I never thought that it would be possible for me and now it seems like things that I’ve only dreamed of are starting to come into fruition. And that’s in no small part from the ideas and things I’ve been encouraged to try through being part of the expansive artists...... and I hope you know I would not have the confidence to ask for a 4 figure commission price if it wasn't for your consistent coaching and encouragement. Thank you for helping me be a better me."


"I made $1000 this month from my online camps and mini retreat!. I’ve felt way different- successful. I actually feel that my virtual teaching is really making a difference in families lives- something I really didn’t think much of before. I’ve gotten emails from parents thanking me for taking the time to talk and converse with their child in the camp and being thankful for having an activity to do at home together. My first goal when I joined this membership was- PLEASE just let me make the membership fee back...I’ve done WAY more than that!! "

Sarah K.

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Hi! I'm Marisa a Self-Taught Artist who started my online business in 2006. As is the journey for all successful entrepreneurs, it's a combination of wins and learning that lead me through becoming a published author, designing 9 fabric collections, licensing and selling thousands of paintings, prints and original creations worldwide, having my art featured in the highest grossing movie of all time "Avengers Endgame", to celebrating my 14th year as a Working Artist.

I LOVE helping Artists in Business

And, I know that the best way to help Artists in Business is on an ongoing basis, month after month.

A nurturer to the core and a teacher who cares about the well being and success of each and every one of my members, The Expansive Artists is my answer to the call for what I saw missing in our industry landscape. This is the ongoing mentorship I would have LOVED to have had as I was growing my business.

A trail blazer from the time I began my podcast in 2006, started teaching online in 2008 and opened my first online community in 2012. Technology finally caught up to my vision and I have been leading The Creative Outliers for the past 16 months. Only open a few times a year, I invite you to join us in The Expansive Artists. 

Together we're building a movement ~ creating our own Eco System, and encouraging more creatives to thrive and transform the way we do business.

So if you’re ready to finally grow your business with grace, ease and profit while avoiding the never-ending uphill struggle by doing it all alone or taking countless business courses, leaving you with more questions than answers, join us.

"I joined the Expansive Artists on a whim. I’ve been getting Marisa’s emails ever since I took a fabulous workshop with her. One particular email came in talking about her membership and the enrollment was closing soon- I joined out of pure FOMO. I am so glad that I did. The resources and guidance really brought me to a turning point in my artistic career. Marisa has years of experience in every facet of the art industry and is truly a wealth of knowledge on just about everything! She is so generous sharing with us what it took her years to learn on her own. I will never forget the coaching call where she asked what I was working on at the time. I showed her a pet portrait painting I was making as a gift for a friend. She suggested I take commissions and offer them for the holidays. I was previously so focused on licensing, it didn’t even occur to me to diversify my income stream. Well, I put a call out on instagram and was booked!! Marisa has also coached me to be more confident in submitting my work to companies and yesterday I received my very first licensing contract! The Expansive Artists is a supportive and generous community. It is so refreshing to be in a group with like minded, creative people who understand what I’m going through and how to make our dreams a reality. Marisa truly is an artist that cares about other artists."


"Marisa is an incredible coach. Her knowledge with many things, from running a creative business to mindset, are most valuable to me because I am able to take my business to the next level in a short time. She is uplifting, positive and always smiling, which makes learning so much more enjoyable. I also love that the members in the group are all creative entrepreneurs, so we all speak similar language. Highly recommend The Expansive Artists group if you are looking for a coach that wants what's best for you in a long run."


Frequently Asked Questions

What our members asked before signing up for The Creative Outliers

#1 Consistent Accountability and Investment in your Businesss generates Action ~ and Action generates movement Forward and increasing your Revenue! #2 Since changes in the marketplace are happening daily, The opportunity to access a community and business mentor addressing the most relevant topics in real time is invaluable. If you are taking a course, you can add on the membership to get more personal support while you are going through it. Several of our members have chosen to do both.

Yes! First and Foremost I want The Creative Outliers to feel like the exact right fit for you. There's truly no risk. Remember you can join us for just a month. If you join, and within the first 5 days of being a monthly or annual member, you know without a doubt it's not the right fit for you, we will refund you.

While a huge benefit is attending live when you can, we understand if you can't.  You are welcome to send in questions or thoughts ahead of time and Marisa will answer them. All recordings of the live videos will be available following the live sessions for you to access at any time that is convenient to you.

The goal of the newly revamped Creative Outliers is ~ Progress and Results. I want to support you in spending less time consuming more information, and more time implementing to get you to that next level which means working on your Art and Business. The content in the membership is not meant to exceed more than 2 hours a month.

While it is highly encouraged to participate in the Facebook group for most Live participation and conversation with the community, you don't have to join Facebook to benefit from being a Creative Outlier. Members have access to all of the recordings within our private Membership portal and can leave comments and ask questions there as well. 

Yes, and yes! No matter the level of success of a business owner, it's a combination of failures and wins that get us there. And we don't learn unless we share what's worked and what hasn't worked. 

While I encourage members are interested in joining us, to stay and gain the long term benefits. If you join and feel it is not the right fit for you, you can cancel at any time. If you do leave and want to come back, your new membership will reflect any price increase. 

Yes! absolutely. I am there to support you, not just through the monthly live call but through the group all month. You are always welcome to reach out with questions. It's encouraged that you add them to the group, as very often your fellow Creative Outliers will have an answer for you as well.

"I love being a part of The Expansive Artists so much. It means a lot to me. It is a place where I can find support and encouragement and to be inspired to keep moving forward with my art business. Marisa is full of light and her happiness is contagious. I feel like if you have Marisa on your side, you can accomplish anything"


"I am loving this Community so much. I've had some shifts already! I'm painting up a storm, getting ready for the group's art walk/website launch. And I've had a big shift around the whole teaching possibility. I am starting to feel out what aspect of art-making really calls to me, what would I want to delve into and share with other artists in the form of a little online course. And this is coming from a place of inspiration and excitement. I'm amazed that I'm even typing all of this! Just wanted to share. Feeling good.. I'm a very happy Expansive Artist! "


"Being a part of the Expansive Artists Community has helped me regain traction in my business. Having a platform where I am able to share my wins as well as struggles with other creative entrepreneurs has provided a safe space to develop the skills necessary to run both an in person and online business in today’s ever changing landscape. Marisa provides proven strategies, extensive experience and kind guidance while learning along side her community. She is willing to go the extra mile for her clients and extensively researches the questions her clients bring forth. The how to sessions for setting up and managing an online shop, social media, products and the tools you need to run a successful business have proven invaluable for my business. It’s like having a research, product development and mentorship department available to you 24/7 but without the stress of commuting to an office. "


"I consider it several wins that I was able to find this group in the first place. I have already wasted quite a bit of time and money taking online courses that only proved to confuse and befuddle me. I know there are simpler ways to do this. I really appreciate Marisa's generosity and that of everyone here"

La Sandra

"I’ve taken many on-line workshops from various trainers. I always ended up feeling overwhelmed therefore, nothing was accomplished...until I entered Marisa’s classes. I felt comfortable and secure in her learning environment because she patiently taught one step at a time, always uplifting my personal self-doubt. I’m happy to say I was able to take many of my projects to the end goal!"


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