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What do you want to accomplish in the next 90 days?

The fact that you're reading this message, means you’re really committed to growing your art business, owning your worth + your value so you can confidently, consistently sell more Art and increase your revenue. So you can hire the help you want, and focus more on your art and time with your family...and you may be wondering if there are additional ways we can work together so I can really help you with this.

Which of these Struggles Do You Identify with the Most?

  • You feel overwhelmed with everything you have to do today to keep up with your business
  • You feel frustrated that you aren't finding your right customers
  • Using social media feels draining instead of inspiring and energizing
  • You wish you had more focus and consistency in creating your Art
  • You feel like you’re doing “all the things you’re supposed to do” and you’re still not getting the results you want
  • You feel like you have to undervalue your work and your time to compete in the marketplace
  • You're uncertain about how to make more consistent sales
  • You wish you were surrounded with a kindred, supportive, encouraging community of fellow creatives who get you 
  • You feel like comparison sometimes stops you from progressing and fulfilling your greatest potential

If you answered yes to any or all of the above, it's ok! You're not alone, you're in the right spot and I'm here to help you, efficiently grow your business, sell more work and give you back time to do what you do best, make your Art.

Welcome to The Red Dot Society

This is a next level Small Group Coaching opportunity limited to 12 spots, lead by Marisa Anne Cummings, for Emerging and Established Artists dedicated to expanding your business to experience the kind of success you've always dreamed of, and ready to have a breakthrough in your life and business in the next 90 days.

One 30 minute Private Coaching Call with Marisa

Private Facebook Group exclusively for Red Dot Society Members to communicate with each other and Marisa throughout the quarter.

3 Monthly, once a week, Group Coaching Calls to go deeper on implementing what you're learning, personalized help with challenges and developing a focused plan to get you to the finish line of your quarter goals and projects.

Hello! I'm Marisa a Self-Taught Artist who started my online business in 2006. As is the journey for all successful entrepreneurs, it's a combination of wins and learning that lead me through becoming a published author, designing 9 fabric collections, licensing and selling thousands of paintings, prints and original creations worldwide, having my art featured in the highest grossing movie of all time "Avengers Endgame", to celebrating my 14th year as a Working Artist.

I LOVE helping Artists in Business

And, I know that the best way to help Artists in Business succeed faster is by coaching them on an ongoing basis. Just one idea in one coaching session, getting access to the knowledge gained from my 14 years of running an online business as an Entrepreneur and Artist, can instantly add more revenue to your business and profoundly transform the speed in which you grow.

A nurturer to the core and a coach who cares about the well being and success of each and every one of my members, The Red Dot Society is my answer to the request I've had for a more in depth, higher level learning opportunity. This is also the ongoing mentorship I only wish I had access to when growing my business.

A pioneer from the time I began my podcast in 2006, started teaching online in 2008 and opened my first online community in 2012. Together we're building a movement ~ creating our own Eco System, and encouraging more creatives to thrive and transform the way we do business.

So if you’re ready to finally grow your business with grace, ease and profit (and fun!) while avoiding the never-ending uphill struggle by doing it all alone or taking countless business courses, leaving you with more questions than answers.

Apply to Join Us

As a Red Dot Society Member you will get

Coaching to help you Take Action Step by Step 

Unlike a traditional business course, you won't be left after a few weeks to figure out all the details and how they apply to your specific business, all by yourself. I will be there month after month to offer you personal guidance.

Here's how you will stay focused:

By following specific steps and getting the support you need by getting access to a combination of the following offerings

  • Private Coaching Call with Marisa
  • Three Monthly Group Coaching Calls with Marisa
  • Private community where we share progress, Tools and Resources
  • Accountability with Marisa and your fellow Red Dot Society Members
**BONUS**Once a Red Dot Society Member you also get

Immediate Access to The Expansive Artists Training and Tools Library for 6 months.

We're covering every Business topic with the most up to date expertise.

Whether you are just beginning or more established, you will learn about:

The lessons cover a wide range of topics broken into categories making it easy for you to find exactly what you need, when you need it.

  • Marketing
  • Social media
  • Pricing
  • Product Design
  • Passive Income Streams
  • Personal Development + Mindset for Success
  • Financial Wellness
  • Selling Your Work
  • Email List Building
  • Online Teaching
  • Team Management
  • Planning + Organization
  • Creative Lessons to Inspire You and Keep your Art Practice Consistent
  • Marisa's Ultimate Artist Resource List 
  • Templates, Worksheets and Swipe Files
  • Guest Expert Trainings
  • Creative Lessons and Challenges to keep your Inspiration Flowing

"Being a member of this group has supported me to move through my fear of sharing my book with my community. I had previously only sold courses and for some reason selling products felt new, uncertain and very scary. Having the coaching and group support to start sharing my book, I knew I wasn’t alone in pushing myself to do this - as soon as I started sharing I was able to tap into that joy of sharing my creation as a way to help and inspire others (something I love doing) and the fear started to melt away. You have helped me rewrite my story around what selling means. It’s been a huge shift for me, and so far I have sold about 140 books! That makes me so happy. The other thing I really appreciate about this group is that whenever a question pops up for me about art and business I have a safe space to turn to - plus it’s great to see what other members are creating - it makes me feel inspired and want to keep going with my own dreams and goals. "


This is where you choose which path to take

May I share with you a word of wisdom and recommend that you don't choose the path I took ~ the do it all yourself, by yourself, don't invest in my education because I can figure it all out myself ~ path.

You can join us or you can:

  • keep trying to figure it out all alone
  • build everything from scratch
  • spend countless extra hours trying to get the answers you need
  • stay frustrated because you aren't getting the results you want
  • keep trying to convince those around you who don't "get it" why you do the work you do
  • lose focus and consistency with creating your work
  • let slumps and self-doubt hold you back, and keep you stuck
  • continue to struggle with how to create consistent income as a creative
  • stay overwhelmed without a clear direction of what step to take next


While we can work one on one, not everyone is at that level yet, saved for high level Artists who have already been in business for several years. .

So, this is why I've created a group program where we can work together in a small intimate environment and still have the same results. 

So for the same investment for an hour of my time, you’re going to get three months of my time. In a group format, including 1 private call, connecting with other Creative leaders, who will support, encourage and uplift you~ I invite you to submit your application to join us. 


Apply to Join:

The Red Dot Society is an application based program for new members to join. The value of the group is about our members, which is why I take the curation of the group very much to heart, giving careful consideration to every applicant, as each of you bring a unique perspective and gift to the other members.


The Red Dot Society Pricing

Apply to Join us for the last session, Fourth Quarter of 2020

3 Payments



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One Time Payment



Apply to Join Us

"I opened commissions for portraits about a week or so ago. I never would have thought to do this. It was totally Marisa's idea when she saw a gift painting I was making for a friend. I’m basically booked right now and I had been focused on licensing (making zero dollars lol). It was a little scary to put myself out there. I just finished my first commission (and I realized it’s the first dog I ever painted 😬 I didn’t even think of that before putting it out there😊 It was so rewarding to make this special piece for her. I also have my first fabric collection coming out in October and am working on my second collection of designs! Thank you Marisa for pushing me to get out there!!"


"Marisa is an incredible coach. Her knowledge with many things, from running a creative business to mindset, are most valuable to me because I am able to take my business to the next level in a short time. She is uplifting, positive and always smiling, which makes learning so much more enjoyable. I also love that the members in the group are all creative entrepreneurs, so we all speak similar language. Highly recommend working with Marisa if you are looking for a coach that wants what's best for you in a long run."


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